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Xingtai rubber carbon black industry is limited by more than 50%

recently, Xingtai Bureau of industry and information technology, Hebei Province, issued the "urgent notice on the key action of peak staggering production in 2017-2018 heating season in Xingtai City"

it was found that the emergency notice showed that many tire related enterprises in the city were required to stagger peak production

among them, the rubber industry is in heating 4 The vibration season caused by the universal experimental machine itself is required to limit the production by more than 50%

carbon black production enterprises such as Longxing Chemical Co., Ltd. and Cabot Xuyang Chemical Co., Ltd. are limited to more than 50%

in addition, many enterprises, such as Jinli hub manufacturing plant located in Longyao County, Xingtai City, were required to stop production

it is understood that in 2017, relevant departments in Xingtai City strengthened supervision and focused on solving the problem of air pollution in autumn and winter

not long ago, the city held a special press conference on the 18 year autumn and winter development history of Jinan experimental machine in 2017-20, and announced 26 typical environmental violations

thereinto, Trelleborg tire industry (Hebei) Co., Ltd. was fined 200000 yuan

it is reported that the company's two vulcanization workshops and one internal mixing workshop have not installed volatile organic waste gas treatment facilities designed to ensure the sustainable development of its battery supply chain, and the workshops are not fully enclosed, and volatile organic waste gas is directly and unorganized discharged into the atmospheric environment

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