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September 21 rubber daily review: Shanghai Rubber closed slightly higher, and the overall situation was still volatile

on September 21, Shanghai Futures Trading let customers choose this kind of portable fy310 more! The natural rubber futures of the exchange closed slightly higher and the position decreased. The main contract ru1001 opened at 17210 in the morning, and finally closed at 17440, up 55. The trading volume was 495344 hands, and the position was 130642 hands

1. When checking the mechanical performance of steel bar pneumatic welding, from the disk, Shanghai Rubber opened low and went high in the morning, the market trend was stable, the support of the lower weekly and monthly lines was large, and the lower space was very limited, but the pressure of the upper five-day moving average was obvious, and the aftermarket was expected to fluctuate

in the surrounding markets, the Tokyo industrial products exchange (TOCOM) was closed on September 21 because it coincided with a public holiday in Japan

in terms of crude oil, NYMEX crude oil futures fell across the board during the Asian electronic trading session on the 21st, falling below 72 U.S. dollars/barrel. With the rapid development of today's society, it had fallen in the previous two trading days, because the market expected that if the oil price wanted to continue the 61% rise so far in 2009, it would need to be supported by more signs of global economic recovery. NYMEX October crude oil futures fell 23 cents to $71.81 a barrel. The settlement price of the contract fell 43 cents to $72.04 a barrel on the 18th

basically, at present, the domestic tire export prospect has suffered a heavy blow, the United States raised tariffs, followed by Brazil and Argentina. However, with the tireless support of China Rubber Association, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of industry and information technology and other departments, the impact of the special protection case on tire enterprises and Shanghai rubber industry has weakened, but the impact is still continuing. At the same time, the high inventory currently faced by China still needs time to digest, and the spot quotation in domestic reclamation areas has fallen slowly, Shanghai Rubber fundamentals are still weak, and upward pressure on rubber prices is gradually increasing

in terms of inventory, the latest data released in the previous period showed that the natural rubber inventory of the previous period continued to increase in the week of September 18, with an increase of 118 tons to 91669 tons compared with the week of September 11, and the growth rate slowed down

in terms of spot goods, the reclamation area's current price fell again, with Hainan agricultural reclamation all latex reported 17007 yuan/ton, and Yunnan Agricultural Reclamation fell below the 17000 integer mark to 16993 yuan/ton. The international market price was boosted by the buying sentiment from Europe and the United States, and the market transaction was improved, and the price continued to rise. Fault 5: when the tensile machine was used for the tensile test, CIF quoted RSS dollars/ton; The market quotation in the bonded area was basically stable, and the overall negotiation atmosphere was acceptable, but the shipping procurement of the operator was relatively cautious. RSS3 quoted us dollars/ton, and the overall inventory was relatively stable, maintained at about 10000 tons

domestic rubber inventory continued to increase, approaching 100000 tons, and the tightening situation of spot supply improved, plus the impact of the special insurance case of tires exported to the United States, Shanghai rubber is still weak. The global automobile industry is gradually coming out of the trough, and the growth of rubber demand is expected to continue. However, the global rubber production will decline in 2009. Affected by this, Shanghai rubber is still likely to rise in the long term

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