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Silicone acrylic emulsion enamel won the honor of new product

enamel, and recently won the honor of new product of the Ministry of science and technology in 2001

the silicone acrylic enamel developed by the institute adopts acrylate monomer and alkoxysilane to polymerize to obtain a cross-linked lotion. During the drying process of the enamel film prepared with this lotion, alkoxysilane hydrolyzes, condenses and crosslinks to form a silicone acrylic film with excellent weather resistance, aging resistance and chalking resistance. The key to the industrial application of silicone acrylic lotion is the stability of hydrolyzable alkoxysilane in the process of manufacturing and storage of lotion

this technology uses hydrophobic alkoxysilane to synthesize lotion, which is coated inside by resin in latex particles and is not affected by water during storage. Normal temperature crosslinked silicone acrylic lotion, with water as the medium, has made great progress and breakthrough in China's plastic extruder market due to its excellent weather resistance, water resistance, stain resistance and good adhesion. It can be used not only in architectural coatings, but also in adhesives, paper, textiles and leather corrosion, and has a good market prospect

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