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Beijing Academy of Building Materials Sciences set up a platform to build "Jinyu technology"

Beijing Academy of Building Materials Sciences set up a platform to build "Jinyu technology"

June 28, 2007

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Beijing General Academy of building materials science under Jinyu group (hereinafter referred to as "General Academy of construction Sciences") is building an enterprise oriented, market-oriented Jinyu technology, a scientific and technological innovation system combining industry, University and research. In the words of President Wang Zhaojia, "Jinyu technology" will become a new sector rich in science and technology in the building materials manufacturing industry of Jinyu group, walking in the forefront of industry technology and leading the industry fashion

if in the past, the scientific research achievements of the "General Academy of construction Sciences" must be transformed into products to expand the market one by one, then under the technological innovation system of "Jinyu technology", these individual products will be integrated according to their relevance to form a complete system for packaging and sales. "We don't sell products, we only sell systems." What Wang Zhaojia said in an interview last week shows the real connotation of "Jinyu technology"

in the business sector of Jinyu group, modern manufacturing, real estate and modern service industry are the three traditional fields. "We are building a brand new sector, that is' Jinyu technology '." Wang Zhaojia, deputy chief engineer of Jinyu group and President of Beijing General Academy of building materials science under the group, told me last week

according to Wang Zhaojia, "Jinyu technology" is a scientific and technological innovation system. The core of its platform is the two institutes (Beijing General Academy of building materials science, Beijing Architectural Design and Research Institute), and the platform support is four stations (Beijing construction materials quality supervision and inspection station, Beijing construction hardware plumbing products quality supervision and inspection station, Beijing wood furniture quality supervision and inspection station, and Beijing cement quality inspection station), The main body is six professional R & D sub centers (industrial waste disposal R & D center, cement and concrete R & D center, refractories R & D center, mineral wool board R & D center, furniture design and R & D center, wall materials and system R & D center), which are mainly engaged in the research and development of cutting-edge technologies and the transformation of high-tech achievements

"At present, the innovation system of 'Jinyu technology' has two conditions. First, it has strong R & D capabilities, with 35 R & D and testing laboratories and pilot workshops, including 3 national key laboratories, covering a total area of about 6000 square meters. On October 1 this year, the 35000 square meter Technology Center building will be officially completed, which will also improve the R & D system of 'Jinyu technology 5. No touching the transmission lead screw and sliding seat during operation'; Second, talent preparation. It has 84 senior experts and doctors, and can carry out various sophisticated scientific research and technological transformation. 3. Measurement range: 2% of the measurement range (1) 00% "Wang Zhaojia said that in addition to independent research and development," Jinyu technology "also integrates advantageous resources and actively expands foreign exchanges. In 2006 alone, the technology center of Jinyu group led 42 projects jointly developed with universities, scientific research institutes and enterprises. In 2006, the new sales revenue of" Jinyu technology "sector reached 850million yuan and the new profit reached 67.212 million yuan. (China paint)

how to transform the numerous scientific research achievements of "Jinyu technology" into new products and quickly realize industrialization? Wang Zhaojia's approach is to establish seven high-tech enterprises and one science and technology industry base in the form of investment and construction or holding and participating shares. "With these seven companies and one base, Jinyu technology is not only a concept, but also a visible and tangible entity." Wang Zhaojia said

it is reported that the seven companies under "Jinyu technology" are mainly engaged in the research and production of new technologies and new products such as comprehensive utilization of resources, energy and land conservation, green and environmentally friendly building materials, and have become the new economic growth point of Jinyu group with high-tech content. For example, through technological breakthroughs, the "General Academy of construction Sciences" has built the largest plastering gypsum production enterprise in China and the largest dry mixed mortar production enterprise in the north; Beijing jinzhiding Chemical Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. has developed nano antibacterial paint and nano weather resistant paint by transforming the new achievements of nanotechnology, which has achieved the popularity and reputation of the "Jinding" brand; The exterior wall insulation materials produced by Beijing Wanwu insulation engineering materials Co., Ltd. have become energy-saving building materials and have been promoted in many cities; With the momentum of "eliminating all thieves who pollute the indoor environment", the new air purification material "no thief in the world" produced by Beijing Nami Technology Development Co., Ltd. has become a leading brand in China's environmental protection industry; The thermal insulation materials produced by Beijing Xisanqi high tech building materials Incubator Co., Ltd. have gained more and more market share because of their excellent performance; Beijing building materials quality inspection station is unique in environmental protection testing, energy conservation testing, energy conservation evaluation and other aspects; The reinforced glass fiber and glass fiber fabrics produced by Beijing Saint Gobain Vitex Glass Fiber Co., Ltd. have become hot sellers in the overseas market, with an annual sales volume of more than 200million yuan

the reason why the products of scientific research finished products can be transformed into high-tech products with good market response through continuous innovation, improvement and improvement of the products of experimental machines is that the "General Academy of construction Sciences" has a base for the transformation of R & D achievements. "Our base covers an area of 100000 square meters, and the specially established production lines for energy-saving and environmental protection products have been rapidly transformed into products, which has played a catalytic role in the establishment and development of the 'Jinyu technology' innovation system." Wang Zhaojia said

from selling products to selling systems

in the past, selling products was often a single fight. One product developed one market and built a set of channels. "Jinyu technology is no longer a simple product concept, but a complete system." Wang Zhaojia said

it is understood that "Jinyu technology" classifies its various products and establishes three energy-saving and environmental protection product systems: enclosure system, wall decoration system and indoor purification and environmental protection system. (Chinese paint)

enclosure system refers to the product portfolio related to the maintenance, thermal insulation and energy conservation of building exterior walls, such as exterior wall thermal insulation materials, wall thermal insulation materials, etc., including the main products of the Academy of construction Sciences - the bonding mortar that pastes the thermal insulation materials on the exterior walls and the surface dry mixed mortar, and the products of this system are used in national key projects such as bird's nest and water cube

the wall decoration system integrates a variety of similar products under the Academy of construction Sciences, and has become a new force in the decoration industry, such as nano antibacterial paint, nano weather resistant paint, negative ion health paint, elastic paint, texture paint, polyurethane waterproof paint, acrylic waterproof paint, JS waterproof paint and other products, which have been applied to many key projects such as the National Grand Theater, the National Conference Center, the State Administration of Taxation and so on

indoor purification and environmental protection system includes antibacterial agent series products and healthy titanium air purification materials. The former is mainly aimed at killing microorganisms in various building materials. For example, the floor companion solves the problems that many floor traders are confused about, such as breeding bacteria after installation and discharging harmful gases from cracks; The latter mainly aims at the continuous decomposition of five harmful substances in the air: formaldehyde, benzene series (benzene, toluene, xylene), ammonia, total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) and bacteria and viruses, so as to achieve the effect of purifying the air. For example, the "decoration pollution control treasure" of "no thief in the world" has entered thousands of households and become a rising star in the indoor environment treatment industry

"through the construction of the system, our products have added value and reflect the value of science and technology." Wang Zhaojia said that the systematic classification, integration, packaging and sales of various products are the distinctive advantages of "Jinyu technology", which will provide technical support and industrial demonstration for the green and environmental protection development of China's building materials industry

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