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Sibao attended the 2015 Sichuan enterprise social report press conference and made a keynote speech

on August 28, the 2015 Sichuan enterprise social report press conference hosted by the Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Commission and hosted by the Sichuan Federation of industrial economics was grandly held in Chengdu. Chenlixiang, deputy inspector of Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, Wang Yunhong, Secretary General of Sichuan Federation of industrial economics, Wang Fengzuo, Executive Deputy Secretary General of Global Compact China network, and other leaders attended the conference. Chengdu Sibao Technology Co., Ltd., China Dongfang Electric Group, Sichuan Jiuzhou friction surface should be absolutely clean. Electrical appliance group, Intel and other enterprises sent representatives to attend the meeting

it is worth mentioning that at the press conference, Sibao technology, together with China Eastern Electric Group, Jiuzhou electric group, Intel and other five enterprises, became representatives of enterprises and institutions in Sichuan and made exchange speeches. Yuan Shengli, director of the Administration Department of Sibao technology, analyzed the 2014 corporate social report of Sibao technology in depth from four aspects: company profile and governance, economic impact, social impact and environmental impact

under the situation of economic globalization, no matter the speed limitation of control methods, the experimental journey and the tonnage of experimental machines, the new situation and new stage have put forward new and higher requirements for enterprises to fulfill the society. Sibao technology will unremittingly combine learning from international advanced experience with basing itself on national and provincial conditions, effectively combine the role of the government and society with the implementation of enterprise entities such as decoration hammers, strive to establish a good corporate social image, show the outstanding appearance of Sibao, and make a positive contribution to the healthy and steady development of the economy of Sichuan Province

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