Strong demand for the hottest oil products in Asia

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Outlook for Asian oil products - stronger demand is expected to support most oil products, and a large number of Western cargoes depress fuel oil

* increased supply impairs the price difference of fuel oil cracking

* arbitrage cargo outflows support aviation kerosene

* fresh purchase needs help sample size 10 (7.5,5) × ten × 55 naphtha; Singapore, March 10 (Reuters) - most Asian oil products are expected to be supported this week by stronger demand in the region and the outflow of arbitrage cargo such as aviation kerosene, but the increase in Western cargo inflows will put downward pressure on fuel oil

* * the fuel oil cracking price difference is expected to continue to be under pressure * *

the fuel oil cracking price difference is expected to continue to be under pressure this week. Due to the weakness of China's spot purchase demand, the power supply of rural towns in the country has been restored

a large number of Western arbitrage cargo inflows will further depress the market. More than 3million tons of cargo will arrive in East Asia in March, and another 3.5 million tons are scheduled to arrive in April

the price difference will continue to improve. The measurement principle of Jinan Shijin Rockwell hardness tester is due to traders rushing to buy low-density and low viscosity raw materials to mix with the spot

* * new naphtha demand * *

traders said that a new round of buying demand from regional end users will support naphtha prices in Asia

standard purchase of Formosa Plastics and petrochemicals 50000 tons of naphtha in the second half of April

It is confirmed that the tightening space is suitable for the installation of gray cast iron tightening samples

but the increase in the inflow of Western ships is expected to limit the increase. 360000 tons of European ships are expected to arrive in Asia at the end of March

gasoline prices will rise further, supported by strong Vietnamese demand and sparse Chinese exports

* * arbitrage trading supported prices * *

the premium of aviation kerosene/diesel oil in March will expand this week, and it will be reported at $1.90 a barrel on Monday, the widest since February 20, and the discount was $0.80 at the beginning of last week

the aviation coal market will continue to be supported by shipments destined for the west coast of the United States, and China's imports are expected to increase

diesel will continue to be driven by Chinese demand, as China will enter the peak of farming later this month In general structures

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