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Structural characteristics of lightning protection post high-voltage insulator

with the promotion of insulation of 10kV local power overhead conductors in the power system, the lightning disconnection of insulated conductors is becoming an urgent problem to be solved in the national power system. According to the principle of lightning disconnection, we have developed a new lightning protection post insulator in cooperation with the power company on the basis of analyzing and testing various lightning protection measures in China. In the past three years, it has been verified that the insulated conductor has not been damaged after lightning strike for more than 20 times

because the high-voltage insulator has a good effect of protecting the insulated conductor from lightning disconnection, it has been recommended by the power company as a special measure for the insulated conductor of the power system to prevent lightning disconnection

◆ lightning protection post high-voltage insulator is mainly composed of insulating sheath, aluminum alloy clamp, discharge ring, composite insulator, arc striking plate, etc

◆ the discharge ring and aluminum alloy wire clamp are cleverly combined. When lightning strikes, the discharge ring feels sore after violent exercise. Everyone has experienced the flashover discharge between the discharge ring and the arc striking plate, forming a short-circuit channel, and the continuous power frequency arc moves to burn between the discharge ring and the arc striking plate, so as to protect the conductor from burns. Because the discharge ring and arc striking plate bypass the umbrella skirt and adjust to the best discharge gap, the discharge effect is better and the insulator umbrella skirt is prevented from burning out

◆ the aluminum alloy clamp adopts a rotating structure. As long as the cable is placed when installing the cable, the rotation modulus is measured in this area. The inspection points, maintenance and compaction of the clamp and the plastic tensile testing machine before use are simple to install and reduce the difficulty of construction

◆ the epoxy pull-out rod carried inside the lightning protection post high-voltage insulator has extremely high tensile and bending resistance, which is 2% higher than that of ordinary steel_ 3 times, which is 810 times that of high-strength porcelain, greatly improving the mechanical properties of the product

◆ the insulator made of composite material has better insulation performance and larger creepage distance than electric porcelain insulator, which improves the anti pollution level of lightning protection post high-voltage insulator. Its wet withstand voltage and pollution flashover voltage are twice that of the same porcelain insulator, reducing pollution flashover accidents and improving the economy and reliability of large initial clamping force of electric operation. (source: China Electric)

◆ the insulating sheath is made of silicone rubber material, which has good insulation performance, anti-aging resistance and flame retardancy

◆ the lightning protection post high-voltage insulator can withstand the burning of power frequency high current arc for about 5 times

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